Thursday, July 10, 2008

Into the Woods ...

The wind blew and the trees swayed.
... "Wisha, Wisha"....  
"Welcome to the Woods", they seemed to say ....

An adventure into the unknown. 

A place we will call "HOME" , for the next five years.
Trees lined the road as we drove along to our apartment. 

Yes, into the "Woods"!
Our apartment is next to a nature preserve! 

The sun shone brightly. 
The cool breeze brushed across our cheeks as we alighted from the car. 

Playgrounds everywhere. 
Toys.  Bicycles, big and small. 

An unfurnished apartment; a small kitchen. 

Kitchen .. The place where we will be having our meals .. the place where piggymummy will be cooking ... with love. 


Teck said...

Hi dear,
I love the title.. cooking with love.. I feel the love in every dish :) I'm sure I'll put on weight after 5 years! :)

tjmummy said...

wow, such a beautiful place!

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