Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tooth Fairy is here again!

"Mama, can you brush my teeth for me, please?" asked darling son KW.
"OK, only for today, since you are so tired." I told my boy.

The first adult tooth is now almost the same height as the other milk teeth. 

"It's a pity the tooth fairy took away your first milk tooth without letting you say good-bye to it." I told my boy.

"There's no tooth fairy, Mama." Came the reply from the first-grader.

"Maybe you will get to say goodbye to the next one." I said.

As I continued brushing his teeth, I noticed a second adult tooth had broken out of the gums, standing just behind the first milk tooth! I shook the milk tooth in front, still quite firm. 

I wondered how long it would take before the second milk tooth fall off. Darling son might need to see a dentist to have it extracted, since the milk tooth was still quite firm. We just had to wait and see. 

It did come out, in the most unusual way! 
By getting stuck in a piece of melon which darling son was biting into! 
I spotted the white spot in the melon and got him to stop eating. 
Darling son did get to say goodbye ... the Tooth Fairy heard our complaint?

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