Saturday, July 11, 2009

San Francisco - Golden Gate Bridge, Ferry Terminal

We woke up to a cold, foggy morning. Our last day in San Francisco. 

So far, we had been seeing the Golden Gate Bridge, from a distance ... from Coit Tower, from Fisherman's Wharf, but not up close and personal. We missed the chance to visit the last two days when the weather was good, with clear blue sky. 

It was about 10am when we reached the Golden Gate Park. Not many people around. It was really windy and chilly. Hubby dear said he saw more of the bridge today, as compared to the last time he visited. But he would have seen the whole bridge if we had visited yesterday! 

The kids were more interested in the telescope than the bridge itself. But there was nothing to see, except for a patch of whiteness when you looked through the telescope. As usual, they looked for their own entertainment while we were busy taking photographs. They found a statue and a huge cable sample! 

A huge cable with many smaller cables inside. It was interesting learning how these cables can hold up the bridge. Let's push to see if it moves? 

Since it was a Saturday, we thought it would be nice to drop by the Farmer's Market at Ferry Terminal, and to grab some lunch. The crowd was unbearable to us, and there was long queues for toilets and food. We decided to go back to Union Square. 

We were glad the crowd were at the Ferry Terminal, and the Street Car was quite empty when we boarded. 

I was glad I spotted this Thai Restaurant at Hotel Union as we made our way back to Hotel Stratford! We could do a Take-Out! The kids were really tired by then, and were happy when I said we could eat in our room. Yummy duck rice, sausage fried rice, soup noodles ... Drool ...

Hubby dear arranged to meet his former students, who were now studying/working doing in Stanford. I was glad the kids had a good rest before we met up with Pauline and Lin Tin. The boys were not really interested in the cartoons at the Cartoon Museum, our meet-up venue. Our generation would probably appreciate the cartoons more. They were however, happy, as they received a little present .. rocks sample. They also got a treat of cookies! That's how they were occupied, while we talked over a cup of coffee. It was a pity we didn't take any photographs with Pauline and Lin Tin. We were too exhausted to remember.

We would be leaving San Francisco for Yosemite National Park tomorrow. We had to finish packing before going to bed, as we had to check out by 6.30am the next day. 

Till then, sweet dreams! 

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