Saturday, May 9, 2009

I Love Spring!

I'm in love with Spring ... 

Look at the leaves sprouting from the branches of trees!
Red maple leaves, green maple leaves, pine-cones ... the trees look "alive" now, with a mop of light green swaying gently as the wind blows ... 

Look at these lovely colourful flowers! 
I see many trees as I walk darling son to school every morning. 
After a long "white" winter, I really can't recall the colours of the different flowers growing on the trees and in the ground! Like what dear hubby said  ... you appreciate Spring more, after Winter! 

I really enjoy watching the leaves and flowers grow, as I walk past them every morning! Although the yellow flowers above are considered weeds, they brighten up the grass area outside my apartment! It is a sea of green, yellow and purple. It brings on a smile each time I look out of the window, especially on a sunny, cloudless day! But weeds are weeds ... the lawn mower came yesterday, and they were 'wiped out' ... sadly. But hey, these are strong-willed flowers! After two days, they are back! The grass area is again, covered by a sea of yellow and purple dots! Lovely! 


Teck said...

Spring IS truly beautiful :)

PiggyMummy said...

Autumn is beautiful too, with many colours ... but Spring has a different kind of beauty ... it's full of life and energy!

tjmummy said...

Beautiful! I love Spring so much too, really cheers us up to see the flowers right?
Although, it seems your side is much cleaner. hee.

PiggyMummy said...

Yes, Anna .. it's beautiful! And I think the air here is definitely cleaner than your side =)

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