Friday, May 8, 2009

Teacher Appreciation Week

It is Teacher Appreciation Week, May 4-8.

Unlike back home, where we celebrate Teachers' Day for only a day in September, it's a whole week for the students to thank their teachers. The school management makes arrangements for appreciation lunch and tea for their staff. Parent representative from each class coordinate the appreciation gifts for the class teachers.

Some suggestions for KW's class ... a card from each student, showing how the student enjoyed the teacher's class, students to bake cookies/cakes/pastries, a scrapebook (each student to submit to parent representative a page with their picture on it, and framing their picture with drawings, or cut out objects, quotes, etc).

KW's home class teacher, Mrs M, takes him for social studies and science. The "Thank You" card for Mrs M shows KW and Mrs M at the park near the school. We also bake some pineapple tarts for Mrs M. Darling sons help out in baking the pineapple tarts.

The above card is for Mrs L, who takes KW for Math and English. She is a part time teacher with the school, with no home class. So I bake a yogurt cake for her. It was so sweet of her to give us a "Thank you" card in return ... for the lovely cake and card.


tjmummy said...

I love the way you tear your papers to make collage. I still remember the crab you made for me when you gave my boys the activity books before we left for Utah! So pretty.

PiggyMummy said...

You try it with your boys too! They will need help with the tearing. But should be able to glue the pieces together or onto the paper. Saves a lot of paper lor ... I keep those little bits of paper which I tore off during the craft and keep them in a yogurt tube (with lid). Can use again! Save and Love Mother Earth =)

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