Monday, August 10, 2009

Our Little Garden

I don't have green fingers. Neither am I an experienced gardener.
I don't like ants and insects crawling in and out of the plant pots. 

Hubby dear was the one who did all the work =)
He sowed the seeds. He digged his fingers into the potting mix.
He transplanted the plants when the pots were too small. 
He caught the bugs, who were eating the leaves. 

See how the garden has grown from little plants in many pots in Spring, to tall and bushy plants in Summer? 

Although I occasionally helped out in watering the plants, and the boys too, I must admit that seeing the plants flowered and fruit, brought joy and happiness! Each morning, we will count the number of cherry tomatoes we have, the number of cucumbers, and not forgetting the big tomatoes that are about to ripen. I am looking forward to eating them! And for me, it is a very educational lesson, learning about shoots, shapes of leaves, colours of flowers, pollution, and how temperature affects the growth of plants. 

And yes, growing some plants when we are back at our tiny island, called the little red dot,  would be nice =)

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