Friday, August 28, 2009

A Rare Visitor

It was a chilly summer morning. I was walking towards the kitchen when I caught sight of something flying across the grass patch outside our apartment ... 

It had a distinct red tail. Two fluffy white legs ... looked like it was wearing a pair of white fleece pants, very appropriate for the chilly morning. A sharp hooked beak. A bird of prey. 

I admit I was a little afraid of it due to its size. It surely looked huge from far when it had its wings spread out. While taking the photographs, I was moving toward it, inch by inch. As I proceed cautiously, I noticed there were a couple of times when it stopped moving, only to turn its head in my direction, before walking towards me, in a rather clumsy manner, then stopping to look for food on the grass. 

Seriously, I had no idea what kind of bird it was. Uploaded the photographs for hubby to see, and he suggested, after checking on the internet, that it could be a red-tailed hawk! I think he is right. The size, the colour of its body and tail, the beak. 

The bird could be injured, since it was sighted by my neighbour yesterday. It could be out looking for food, while using the woods in our area as a recovery point. 

I hope the bird recover soon. Seeing the bird and following it to the next block of apartments was a good start to a chilly "autumn-like" summer morning .... 

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