Friday, December 17, 2010

Fun in School!

School has never been so fun!

The loaf of bread was made by Darling son KW ... in school!
His teacher brought in the ingredients, and they kneaded the bread dough in class. The kids left the dough to proof in the classroom, and some parent volunteers brought the dough home after school to bake. The next day, he came home with a loaf of baked bread, wrapped nicely in a transparent bag, with his name written nicely on a tag stuck on the bag.

We went "WOO" and "WOW" when we saw the loaf of bread. He was very pleased with his work, and wanted to try the bread after dinner. We all had a slice of bread. Don't expect the soft, fluffy kind of bread. It was after all, made by little hands. There was this hole in the centre of the loaf, and the top of the bread was very hard, making it difficult to slice. But we all ate our bread, and his little brother gave his support by having not one, but two slices! The bread tasted good ... yes, the extra ingredient in the loaf brought out the sweetness ... the effort put in by the boy in kneading the dough and completing his task in school.

Of course, the little boy YW needed his praise for his work in school too. He made a gingerbread house in school, and wanted to eat the parts after he brought it home.

"Since it is such a lovely house, why not let it sit on the window sill for a few days?" I suggested.

Reluctantly, he agreed.
And reluctantly, I agreed to buy some candies for him.

I don't remember school being so fun back home. It's work, and more work. Here in the woods, the boys have the luxury of time to do what they like. They read, draw, use their imagination to construct vehicles with LEGO, and of course, go on play dates with their friends. They still have to finish their school work when they return home from school, and they have their extra assignments from me during their long school holidays. They don't spend the whole day studying and doing assignments. And these extra work do not take away the joy of learning from them.

And I am happy for them that school is fun!

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