Thursday, July 21, 2011

Happy 7!

Every year, when the month of July starts, my boy will ask us, "How many more days to my birthday?". Without fail, he wakes up every morning asking the same old question. He is the baby in the family, and sometimes, I forget that he is going to be 7, and will be a student in Grade 2 (equivalent of P2 in Singapore) when school starts in Fall.

I am glad I take up card-making as a hobby. Without bento-making during the school vacation, card-making helps to keep me sane. And so, I made a card for the baby in the family. I call him "My Little Monster", and so, a monster-themed birthday card is suitable for the occasion. Instead of handing the present and card to him, we opted to go on a treasure hunt. We started with the card. Twice, the birthday boy came down to the living room empty handed. Finally, he found the card on his third attempt, came down and said to us "I saw this but didn't think that it was for me. I like it!". I had been sending cards back home and he thought it was just another card for friends back home. What a silly boy!

As usual, I had been asking him "What kind of cake do you want for your birthday?". He chose a combination of strawberry and chocolate. Woo ... lovely combination! But e am one guilty mom. The photograph above was a no-bake Jelly Cheesecake! The heatwave this week made it almost impossible to cook, not to mention bake. The tiny kitchen in the apartment is one big OVEN on its own. I turned Grumpy-Mom since day 1 of the heatwave. A no-bake cheesecake was all that I could handle in the heat of 37C. Well, there was no complaints from the birthday boy, since he knew he was the star of the day, and he loved the jello on the cake!

Birthdays and presents ... they are a good pair. Time for treasure hunt! One for the birthday boy, and the other, for his brother. This has always been the tradition in the family , as we do not want the other child to feel left out.

A DIY kaleidoscope for the birthday boy, since he loved looking through the kaleidoscope at the Botanical Garden.

And a compass for his GorGor. I bought these two items from a gift shop during our visit to Boston.

The finished product. We were both perspiring profusely when we completed the project. Not that it was a strenuous one. My attempt in taking a inside-the-keleidoscope photograph.

After the celebration and just before hubby dear headed out for work, he asked the birthday boy, "过生日开心吗?" ... translated into English, it meant "Are you happy on your birthday?". To which the birthday boy answered in English, "What?! My birthday is over already?!!" in astonishment. Erh .... I'm speechless ... Seems like I have a lot of coaching to do this Summer ....

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