Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Baby Raccoons

Hubby dear was on his way to the Laundry Room, one block away, when he heard some noises coming from the tree outside the Laundry Room. He looked up and was pleasantly surprised to see two baby raccoons, playing on the lower tree branches. He ran home, grabbed the camera, went back and took a couple of photos.

They were two playful babies! And sure were making a lot of noises! Hubby dear showed our two little neighbours and their mom the raccoons. The two little boys were so fascinated, that they stood under the tree for almost half an hour, watching the baby raccoons. The raccoons did went higher up the tree when they saw a crowd =)

I remembered last year, two huge raccoons were trapped in the trash bin while scavenging for food late at night. It was easy for them to climb in, but there was no way they could climb out after that! They were afraid, and they were cuddling each other very tightly when we spotted them in the bin. Although they were considered to be pests, we were not keen to have them killed by the garbage trucks that would be coming later. Not knowing how to rescue them, we called the police. A police officer came and put a thick long stick into the bin. Moments later, the two huge raccoons climbed out, and disappeared into the woods behind our neighbourhood.

Seeing the baby raccoons this afternoon, makes me wonder if they are babies of the two raccoons trapped in the bin last year =)

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