Monday, September 12, 2011

Happy Pigs!

The Angry Birds are out of the picture today, and the Pigs are happy!
It's Mid-Autumn Festival today, we don't want any fighting between the Birds and the Pigs =)

With the morning rush, I sometimes tend to forgot how the characters look like. Just to play safe, I sketched a picture of the pigs and stuck the paper on the kitchen wall! There, I know I need to cut circles and ovals from cheese, and I will remember to place the eyes at the sides of the face, instead of above the nose! I love these pigs! I had fun assembling the parts of the pigs, despite the morning rush =D

Why this sketch then? Well, I changed the boys' lunchbox from a Lock&Lock box to a bigger stainless steel box. With the bigger capacity, I need to be sure that I have enough food in the container. Too little, the contents will move and their lunch will end up in a mess when they open their lunchbox. I have learnt that if I do not think about where to place the food the night before, I will end up wasting time, trying arrange the contents here and there.

There you go ... pigs, logs, bushes, and a little mushroom =)
Happy pigs wishing all "中秋节快乐!"!

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