Friday, September 16, 2011

Skulls Attack!

Are you ready for Halloween?
Skulls attack! Scream!

I know, Halloween is at least a month and a half away. But I love Halloween-themed bentos! They are so much fun to create! Even the Angry Birds game on the iPad has a version of "Trick or Treat".

Do you know that for children age 4-8, they need at least 800mg of calcium per day? Kids 9 and above, adults too, need at least 1000mg/day. I'm very sure that with an asian diet, we are not meeting the daily calcium intake. The boys drink a cup of milk every morning. But that is not enough. So I try to include some cheese into their lunch, a smoothie or another cup of milk after school, and a serving of yogurt after dinner. I strongly believe that what you eat as a kid determines your health as an adult. Good eating habits start from young.

And so, I happily cut out 6 skulls from a slice of cheese! And the boys happily finished all =D

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