Friday, September 12, 2008

Butterfly, where are you going?

It does look like a butterfly, doesn't it?

This is my favorite packed lunch.
My boy's favorite too.
He loves sushi.

Simple ingredients.
Easy to prepare.

You need ham, carrots, rice and a sheet of nori.

Set the rice cooker to "delay" function.
Rice is ready by morning.

Lay a sheet of nori on the bamboo roll.

Next comes the rice, ham and carrots.

Don't like carrots?
Fried mushroom omelette?
How about blanched spinach, with a pinch of salt?

Your choice of vegetables =)
Roll it up when you have assembled all the ingredients.
Cut it up into smaller pieces. Done!
Into the lunchboxes they go!

Bye Butterfly .. See you at lunchtime!


tjmummy said...

so pretty. eh, my mistake to buy a local brand that i dunno abt, here. the rice cooker not only doesn't have delay function, just cook and warm tabs, its cover doesn't fit properly!! grr, now i just wish it will spoil quickly so i can buy a new one. better get a reliable imported brand.

PiggyMummy said...

actually, we bought our cooker without knowing about the delay function. saw it only when i realised i need prepare lunch for them to bring to school... cant remember how much we pay for the cooker, but it was the cheapest one on the shelf! i guess u cant go wrong when u buy at Target?

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