Monday, September 29, 2008


Does the first photograph look like a carnival to you?

Well, the atmosphere was carnival-like.
Ground sheets on the grass.
People sitting on the grass, chatting and eating.
Kids running about, playing at the swing.
Tables laid with food.
Banners and cardboard signs.

It's the school's open house!
And it was held in the evening, starting at 530pm.

The table with the food?
That's the international potluck table.
You bring a dish and share with others if you want.

Not interested in the potluck?
Then tour the school, chat with teachers, and parents.
Take a look at the chart in the classroom and find out which other country his friends are from.
A public school with an international school profile.

Back in Singapore, a school's open house is a grand affair.
Student leaders bringing you around.
Speeches by the principal, head of departments.
Slideshow of the school's acheivements.

Well, none of the above happened.
Darling son was our little tour guide.
He knew his way around the school well.
Down the stairs he ran, to the Music and Art room.
Up the stairs he hopped, to the Gymnasium, Lunchroom and Library.

Oh yes, we 'sponsored' a book at the Library.
Darling son chose a book, we paid a fee, and then darling son wrote his name on the book ... This book is donated by ...
He would be the first to read the book he sponsored at his next visit to the school library.

It was a good experience for us, the parents.
No structured tour, no boring speeches.
I liked it =)

Good for our darling 'tour guide', his confidence building up as he showed us around his school, barely three weeks since he joined the school. And of course, a good orientation for his little brother, who would join him in the school next Fall.


Teck said...

SG schools have to live up to SEM too much. "Engaging stakeholders" means more officious speeches, presentations, etc.. Glad KW's school is still simple and 朴实 in this sense..

tjmummy said...

lovely! your whole family must have enjoyed it much.

tjmummy said...
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PiggyMummy said...

i guess cos the school is in a village? so a simple thing like your child walking you around the school becomes a delight!

yes, anna, we did enjoy ourselves! it was fun! so unlike singapore's schools open house. no restrictions. do anything you want, ask any questions you like at the open house. very family ... erhh... FARM-ily? Ha, ha!

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