Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hear the Buzz, DUCK!

It was a very hot day, with temperature at a high of 33 degree Celsius, but feeling like 38. People were either hiding at home with their air-conditioning system on at full blast, or out participating in some water related activity.

I brought the kids to the Splash Park, since our kind neighbour offered to drive us there. There were so many parents and kids at the Park! The boys had fun, and I was glad to be out of our furnace-like apartment. However, a fun day turned out to be a painful day for me! I was stung on the finger by some insect, probably a bee! OUCH!

The sting was so painful that I almost dropped the camera I was holding.
I was walking across the grassy area from the playground to the splash area when I got stung. The only thing I could think of, when stung, was to quickly brush off whatever that was clinging onto my finger! I didn't even see what stung me. When I finally looked at my finger, it was very red and very swollen =(

I endured the pain during our two hours at the park. As I watched the kids play, I overheard some adults saying that they too, were stung by bees.
Ok, it shouldn't be that serious, since they were talking about the bee stung like mosquito bites .... Applying cold compression did help to relieve the swelling. The swelling should subside the next day.

Two days later ...

The swelling didn't go down!
The condition had worsened!

The skin around the insect bite was still red and swollen, and the swelling had spread to the second joint of the finger! No good! Little red spots started to appear on the reddened skin, and the itch was unbearable. I decided to seek medical care at the emergency clinic. If I was back on the little red dot, I would have seek medical attention on the same day ... Sigh!

Verdict? I had a skin infection called Cellulitis. The insect bite probably transmitted the bacteria on the skin, and started the infection.
I was put on a dose of antibiotics, and the swelling should improve within 48 hours ... and it did after half a day ... I'm relieved!

And I am staying away from the Park for a while.
... Hear the BUZZ ... DUCK!

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