Sunday, June 5, 2011

Mitsuwa Marketplace

Do you like the ANPANman? Do you like eating bread?
I love bread, and I miss all kinds of bread and buns back home.
The above bun was not made by me, but bought from Mitsuwa Marketplace, a 2-hour drive from where we stay.

We heard about the Mitsuwa Marketplace through our friend.
Thanks, Cindy, for informing us of such a wonderful place!
As I walked through the bakery inside the marketplace, I thought of Four Leaves and BreadTalk. We had to get a bun each, and the boys chose buns which were bigger than mine!

There was a food fair going on, and we spotted these Takoyaki! There was a long queue for this, but hubby dear patiently stood in the queue while I shopped around the supermarket. The takoyaki looked promising, until I saw them poured the sauce in =( They were so heavy handed with the sauce! So instead of eating it when we got home, we decided to eat it before our drive home. The takoyaki had gotten soggy, even though it was in the box for about five minutes, and the sauce was tasty but salty. I still prefer those back home, with just a dash of mayo and lots of bonito flakes.

And this was one yummy pie made from apple and sweet potato! A nice crust at the bottom, topped with some mashed and cooked sweet potato, layered on with slices of apples, and topped the pie with some criss-cross crust .... We should have bought more of this pie! I have to look for the recipe when I am less busy and try to make!

We bought some Japanese snacks, but the above was the family's favorite ... Daifuku! We were fighting to have the last piece, LOL. The boys wanted more and more after eating their first. I had to limit to two per person. Hubby dear kindly rejected his share, so the boys got three each. It is soft, chewy but doesn't stick to your teeth, and the filling inside is light and refreshing.

Right now, I am eagerly awaiting our next trip to the marketplace. And we will definitely be having our lunch there! And the boys will surely remind me to get more packets of their favorite Daifuku and buns.

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