Friday, August 8, 2008

Searching for the ...

The Enchanted Wood, our bedtime story for the kids since we entered the woods.

Darling sons' favourite character is none other than the noisy Saucepan Man.

He's funny. He's silly. He's annoying.

The room will be filled with laughter whenever the chapter on him is read.  
And we get two little saucepans in the room as we continue our reading.

"Do you think there's a faraway tree in the woods?" I asked my boys.

"But it's just a story." Came the reply from the younger one.

"Let's go look for one tomorrow!"
"You may just get to meet the silly old Saucepan Man!" I told the boys.

"Erhh..." Came the boys' reply.

So the next morning, we set off hunting for the Faraway Tree.

With so many trees around, which is the correct tree?

So we walked and we walked ....

We spent the whole morning walking ...

We passed by the playground.

We passed by nice houses with nice gardens.

And at the end of our search, we found this..

The two little saucepans loved the last line on the sign!

For the next few days, the "pots and kettles" on the two little saucepans rattle. They faithfully follow us to the toilet, and wait outside.

A warm welcome awaits us as we step out of the toilet.



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