Monday, August 25, 2008


It's been ages since I went to a movie with hubby.  Or rather, we had stopped going to movies since the arrival of our two boys. 
I remembered catching a movie before we 'entered the woods', leaving the boys with my mother, as we figured that there would not be any more movies for us till five years later .... 

Hey, but we were wrong!

We watched half a movie (Horton-hears-a-Who) in a big field, before the screen was blown down.

And we watched a second movie at a cinema with the kids, two weeks after our experience with movie-in-the-field. It was the first time the kids watched a movie in a cinema!  They liked the movie Horton, so we were hoping that they would like Wall-E too!

It was the first show in the morning. 

Not knowing if it would be crowded, we reached there forty-five minutes before the start of the movie ... the cinema was closed!

There was only six people in the cinema. I loved it! 

The little men enjoyed the movie, so did the old man =)


Teck said...

haha, my dear.. u r so funny.. :) yes, it was a really cute and fun movie!

oh, can u blog abt the durians we saw in the asian mart? just a thought.. hmm..

PiggyMummy said...

no picture of durian to show ... i would dare take photos at the asian mart, in case i get beaten up, ho ho....

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