Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere!

Darling son was learning about pumpkins, spiders and ghosts during the first week of October. 

They did math problems using with spider webs, read stories about pumpkins, and did crafts on spiders, ghosts, and pumpkins. All in preparation for ... Halloween! 

To end the theme on Halloween, a field trip was planned for the kids to visit a pumpkin patch! Oh, sorry, no spiders farm, although they did learn about spiders that week. Ghosts and Haunted House? Yes! There were two haunted houses at the farm, and the two girls we chaperoned were too scared to enter the second house after they went through the first one! But darling son bravely went through both the haunted houses, and came out of the houses way before his father did, ha ha. All this while, I was busy running after three kids, who were running after the kittens, and their classmates. 

The students were allowed to pick a pumpkin to bring home.
Look at the pumpkins scattered all over the field!

It was a windy and wet day. 
But we had fun picking the pumpkins, going on a wagon ride, running through a corn maze, and having a good laugh when the kids picked pumpkins that were bigger than their heads! The kids had fun writing their names on the pumpkins they picked! We would definitely bring our kids to a pumpkin patch again next Fall! 

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