Monday, December 15, 2008

Who's this mysterious boy?

Who's this mysterious boy?

We see many of these 'mysterious' boys as we walk to school every morning. But on this particular morning, not only the boys have their faces covered, the adults too! 

A severe weather warning, from, was issued last night: 

Dangerous wind chill in effect till noon on Monday. Single digit temperature .. And gusty west wind .. Will combine to produce wind chills as low as 16F to 28F below zero ......

Indeed, bitter cold wind blew as we made our way to school this morning. As the children walked on the icy path, rosy cheeks peeked out from behind their scarves. My cheeks hurt as I made my way home. Gusty wind blew as water vapor condensed and turned into a tiny piece of ice on my eye lid as I breathed hard through the scarf covering my cheeks and nose. 

In the warning issued, we were advised to use hats and gloves. To keep ourselves warm. Frost bites can occur ten to fifteen minutes with this dangerous wind chill. 

And the temperature this morning?

17C under zero, sunny and windy.
Realfeel of 25C under zero. 



Teck said...

I love this mysterious boy.. he can be really cute too.. (and very cheeky).. haha..

even the ang mohs said it was cold today.. so it must be..

tjmummy said...

i can imagine what you mean! my ayi is from northern china, the northernmost part where even trains don't reach (she said).

She told me, you just have to sigh, and your hair on your forehead all turn into ice (frozen hair).

Like what you said about the ice on your eyelash!

Dh said that's why people who pick wars with Russia die there, cos Russia is way too freezing and none of us can fight under those conditions. Only they are used to it.

PiggyMummy said...

my neighbour is from russia... he's always in a tshirt while we wore our jackets and all covered up! he doesnt feel cold at all! so paul is right!

I almost couldnt open my eyes when the frost formed on my eye lid, as i blinked and the eye lashes were stuck together! didnt dare try too hard in case my contact lens fall out, ha ha.....

Anonymous said...

wah... like that must think again whether it will be a good idea to visit in winter, altho the sledding sounds fun... when u come back, you'll be complaining it's too hot here ;p

Anonymous said...

apparently it snowed in Las Vegas too!?!

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