Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Winter Storm and School

AccuWeather.com, Dec 9 2008 :
The Winter Weather Center reports that as much as 6 inches will pile up from south-central Wisconsin into northern Michigan before tapering off early on Wednesday. Snow in the Upper Midwest and rain in the Southeast will sandwich a messy mix of sleet, freezing rain and rain in parts of Central Plains and Midwest. This mix of wintry precipitation today could create hazardous winter driving conditions as well as the possibility of flight delays at Midwest airports. 

I knew there would be a snowstorm from Monday night, through Tuesday. 
I was wondering how we were going to walk to school on Tuesday morning. 

I received email warning advisory from Accuweather too. 
I didn't expect the snow to pile up so much.
I didn't expect the visibility to be reduced so much.
I didn't expect school to be closed!

A call to the school office confirmed it all. 
"All schools in Madison are closed today."

The kids were happy. 
They wanted to go sledding. 
They watched as Mr. Big Brush came to plough the roads and walkways.
But this time round, instead of a big brush, he had a big shovel attached! 


Anonymous said...

like your kids' running commentary, and i noticed kw speaks in mandarin, n yw tends to speak in english. u have bilingual kids! heh heh..

PiggyMummy said...

depends on their mood ... sometimes english, sometimes mandarin... worst is when they mix both in a sentence! sigh....

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