Saturday, December 20, 2008

Wintry Mess!

Think winter, you think of snow. Only snow. That's not true.
We get a wintry mix/mess of snow, ice sleet, and rain.
A brutal blast of bitter cold arctic air usually follows, after a winter storm.

At times, you get abundant sunshine after the winter storm. The snow melts. Then comes a messy mix of rain and ice sleet, with the brutal cold arctic air trailing behind. The snow that melts has now turned into ice.
Ice on the paths, icicles on the roofs, ice on the roads.  Grass peek at you from beneath a thick slab of ice, which is in turn covered by an inch of snow. 

How many times have I slipped and fall when walking darling son to school? How many times have darling sons slipped and fell while walking home from school? Countless times.

Just the other day, we took the car to send darling son to school.
A left turn out of the housing area onto the main road and our car went over an icy area and turned almost 180 degrees! 
Luckily there was no other cars except for a school bus which was a good distance behind us!

I don't mind the snow and the cold.
I dislike the ice!

P.S : In case you are wondering why a left turn and not a right turn? The road directions are completely the opposite from back home! 

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