Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Frozen Lake?

When we arrived in the woods six months ago, the first thing we did was to ask our neighbours about the weather in winter. The first they told us was about the lake, assuming that we already knew about the harsh winters here ... what about the lake? It freezes in winter! Unbelievable! 

Today is another winter day ... on new year's eve!
Although the temperature is 17C below zero, it is sunny.
What a blessing! I always have this urge to get out of the house on sunny days, despite the bitter cold .. as long as the wind is not too strong.
So off we go ... to see the frozen lake!!

It looks like a big field covered with snow, yah?
It looks like a big field, but it is a lake! 
It is the frozen lake, covered with snow, with a thick layer of ice below the snow. Can you spot the guys who are fishing?

Is it really safe to walk so far out to fish, on a frozen lake?
I have no answer to that. I think, all it takes is just one person to decide that the frozen lake is safe to walk on, while the rest sees and follows. 
I am really not sure.

We get plenty of sunshine, plus rain, the few days after christmas.
The many inches of snow dump on us before christmas has melted, causing many areas to flood. Although we see ice and snow on the days during those few days, we are still not sure if it is safe to walk on. Not when you have two active kids in tow. 

So daddy has to walk first, following the footsteps of those who are fishing on the frozen lake. The little ones follow him after. Just a short distance. 

The elder boy asked ... why is the lake frozen? How can the people fish when the lake is frozen? How about the fish? Will they be frozen too? 

How I wish I have Ms Frizzle and the Magic School Bus with me .... 


Teck said...

i believe the daddy was pretending to be cautious.. deep inside, he was thinking of going ice-skating!

and i agree.. it takes one crazy person to do it first, there'll be others who'll then follow.. safety in numbers, mah.. :) (notice all the fisherMEN were, well, MEN? haha.. that's why the three men went walking on the lake while mommy stayed ashore..)

PiggyMummy said...

that's right ... mummy has to stay on ashore, cos mummy is worried that she may just break the ice, ha ha ha!

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