Saturday, September 26, 2009

Daily Writing in School

Darling son YW has a Writing period in school. Every Monday, they also have a News Report. What is that? The students are required to write down what they do over the weekend.

But the boy just started Kindergarten!
Can't write? Never mind.
The idea is to get them to sound out their words, and associate the sounds with the letters, group them together and form a word. Yes, the words are not correctly spelled sometimes. That's why they have a 30-minute period for writing every day. They write words, high frequency words.

The boy came home on Monday, and told me about the very long sentence he wrote in his News Report. He said Mrs M read his News Report and told him "It was a long and good sentence.". He was very happy that day. He was very happy that he tried to write the word "University Housing". And he did pages and pages of writing, "writing a book" he called it, every day after school that week.

I only get to see his work on Friday, when he brings back his work done in school for the entire week. Can you see Mrs M's remarks on the paper? She wrote "All by himself =) ".

Now I can understand why my boy is so happy to read a book by himself, and is so eager to "write a book' . Like he said, "I'm a author".

And I am one happy reader!

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