Monday, September 14, 2009

My Family 3

Darling son YW had nose bleed on Sunday morning. He woke up at 3.40am and cried, as he thought he had mucus flowing out of his nose, nonstop. Although it stopped bleeding after a while, it came back again in the morning, when he woke up at 830am. He had to lie in bed for another half an hour before we allowed him to get off his bed.

Although it was a lovely Sunday morning, we just stayed at home, due to his nose bleed. By afternoon, having coped up in the house for many hours, he started getting grumpy. We brought them cycling around the neighbourhood in the evening, and he was happy.

This morning, he woke up in good spirits.
I guess he felt better with no more nose bleed. And it's Monday, a school day. He just loves school. As he got up early, he sat at his table, and draw this picture "for Papa and Mama". I asked him why he used a different colour for the flowers ... "Because Mama likes flowers, so I add some flowers for you!" .... oh, so sweet of him ... and the drawing brightens my Monday morning!

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