Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hi Mister Piggy!

Dear Mister Piggy, I love you!
I love Sundays too!
Sunday is the day Papa gives us pocket money.

I will feed you some, and keep some in my little round box. The money in the little round box can be used to buy things that I like, like books at Borders. I am also saving up to buy Lego!

After a month of saving up, I finally have enough money to buy a Space Police set! My brother has less money, so he can only buy the Creator set. The Lego Space Police is very cool!

Mama says that if I learn my chinese words well, she will consider buying another "not so expensive" Space Police set for me and my brother! Hooray! I will make sure I study hard for my Chinese. Just recognising the chinese characters. I don't have to remember how to write them. Hmm ... I should be able to do that =)

I am eagerly waiting for Mama to start the Chinese lesson with me!

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