Thursday, May 20, 2010


I love preparing this drink for hubby dear, in a thermos flask, for him to bring to school in winter. This drink is sweet, and when consume after lunch on a cold winter afternoon, helps in keeping one warm. Wolfberries are supposedly good for your eyes, and 党参 is supposed to improve the overall wellness of the body ... 补益中气。This drink is made regularly, not only in winter, but on days hubby dear needs to stay up late into the night to work/study.

2 drinking cups of hot water
Handful of sliced 党参
2 soup spoonfuls of Wolfberries

1. Wash the 党参 and wolfberries.
2. Put the ingredients into the Thermos flask.
3. Pour the two drinking cups of hot water into the flask.
4. Let stand for a couple of hours before consuming.

However, do not consume this if you are ill, like when you are having a flu. It's still best to see the doctor to get the proper medicine to help your body recover.

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