Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pork Floss Sushi

Remember the pork pieces I use for cooking soups?
I used them to make sushi for the kids' lunchboxes!
Since the pork/chicken floss was fried the day before, all I needed to do in the morning was to blanch/microwave the vegetables ... broccoli and carrots!

1. Mix the blanched/microwaved vegetables with the fluffed rice.
2. Add sushi vinegar and mix well.
3. Cool the rice a little before using.
4. On a rolling mat, place a sheet of nori, shiny side down.
5. Spread the rice on the nori sheet, covering 3/4 of the sheet.
6. Spread the pork/chicken floss onto the rice.
7. Roll tightly and cut.
8. Pack or serve.

Alternatively, if you don't like broccoli or carrots, you can use spinach!

Blanch the spinach, drain, let cool, and squeeze out the excess water. Cut the blanched spinach into smaller pieces. Store in an air-tight container, keep in the refrigerator for use the next morning. Simply mix the refrigerated spinach into the fluffy hot rice, add sushi vinegar, mix well, and let cool the rice before using. You don't even need to blanch any vegetables in the morning! Just mix, cool, and roll!

I prefer chicken floss to pork floss, as I find it easier to cut the sushi "log" . Either one, it is a good way to use up the meat in soup. YUM!

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