Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"Owl" Are You?

Hoot, Hoot! "Owl" are you?

Owwwwl .... Not too good for me.
I'm seriously sleep-deprived.
It's a rainy and windy day. Where did the sun go?
It felt like bedtime, even though it's only ten in the morning .... ZZZ.

I bought some clear stamps from HobbyLobby while shopping there last week. There are a couple of owl stamps and they are "Oh so adorable"!
Since I'm seriously sleep-deprived, I decided to include an owl in the kids' bento, to remind them that "Mom is TIRED".

It was not that difficult to assemble the owl. The big round eyes were cut using the base of a piping tip. Perfect circles for the eyes. The black round eyes were cut from a facial nori punch. I cut out a template of the owl using a small piece of parchment paper, as I wanted the two owls to be of the same size. If I'm only doing one owl, I will probably just cut the shape from the slice of cheese directly. And all these cutting were done while the Parmesan and Panko coated chicken thigh fillets and cauliflower were baking in the oven =)

How about the words? Hoot, hoot! I had fun cutting the words from cheese, with my new toy, the alphabet cutter!

Like my boys used to sing when they were younger "Rain, rain, go away", I'm waiting patiently for the thunderstorms and rain clouds to move away. I'm missing the sunshine.


sherlyn said...


You are so creative with the bento decos. May I ask where can I get the alphabet cutters? I stay in singapore.

Many thanks

PiggyMummy said...

Hi Sheryln,

I'm from Singapore too, but currently staying in the US =) I got the alphabet cutters from ebay. The letters are quite small, about 1.2cm. Here's the link to the ebay shop.


Ask for combined invoice if you buy more than one item, so do not pay first. Happy shopping!

sherlyn said...


ya, I knew you are from SG ;-)

Thank you very much for the link. I never done any online shopping before , not to talk abt ebay. I am a very stingy person .. so I doubt I will buy any more than this alpha cutter. This cutter is really good, all compact plus they are small.
I will ask ard to see if anyone is buying from ebay and ask them buy for me :)
Thanks so much again.
Have a nice weekend.


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