Friday, April 17, 2009

A Day of Biking and Playing

Darling son YW had a new bike! 

We saw this bike at the second-hand bike shop, when we went to fix KW's flat bike tyre. The bike worked well, even though it was a second-hand bike. The training wheels were larger, making the bike more steady. 

Hubby dear had a dental appointment in the late morning, and he was home just slightly after lunch. YW was happy, as with daddy at home, he was able to go out and play the whole afternoon. He was eager to try out his new bike, and ended up playing at the playground next to the community garden.

And we met our little neighbour at the playground!
His daddy was at the community garden, loosening the soil and planting. The boy was happy to see YW. 

When it was time to pick KW up from school, YW actually cycled all the way to his brother's school. Ok, his bike had four wheels instead of two. But being able to cycle such a long distance made him feel like a big boy! And round two of play for YW since KW was home from school! This time, off they went to another playground! Playground hopping seemed to be their favorite in the woods! 

They had so much fun, they slept almost immediately when they hit the bed, and were gently snoring away! 

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