Thursday, April 23, 2009

Meet the Sight Words!

It's amazing how quickly kids can learn by just watching TV and DVDs.

Darling son YW is a big fan of the Leapfrog DVDs: 
The Letter Factory, The Words Factory. 

He learnt to sound all 26 letters of the alphabet after watching The Letter Factory just once. I would probably take a week or more to get him to learn. After watching the DVDs, he was able to sound out simple words. 
He began to enjoy reading from books as he was able to read the words!

However, some words are not possible to sound out, as they don't follow the rules. Words like ONE, YOU, COME, SNOW. Some words, we use them everyday. They are friends to us. Kids should be able to recognise them ... on sight, instead of sounding them out. 

This morning, I did a simple activity with YW.
I got him to write letters on papers, sound it out, and then, got him to stick them on our wall in the living room! 

He had fun writing down the words on the colourful pieces of paper. 
He had fun putting a sticky tape on the back of the paper. 
He had fun sticking the paper on the wall! 

I had fun too! I am happy that YW is able to recognise some words on my list, without having to sound them out. 

And thank you, Tad!

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Denise said...

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