Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring Break = Playtime!

Spring Break on The Little Red Dot = Lots of homework, remedial/enrichment classes.
Spring Break in the Woods = Playtime! Homework? What's that?

That's all KW had been doing for the whole week of his Spring Break!
Cycling, watching DVDs, playing with his little brother at home, and at playgrounds! There are so many playgrounds in the woods! You will never get tired of playground hopping! They played with their friends from school, whom they met at the playground, as well as our little neighbours. They played soccer with me too! And I pulled my muscle while trying to kick the ball, ha ha ... so much for keeping fit and aging! 

Darling son KW was learning to balance on his bike a couple of days before his Spring Break. He wanted to cycle to school after he had mastered cycling and balancing on two wheels. Told him he would have to wait till after the Spring Break, as he needed more practice. The one-week Spring Break was a good chance for him to practice. So every morning, he eagerly cycled around the estate. He familiarized himself with the cycling route to school. He practiced going down and up slopes. Did he go alone? No! His horizontally-challenged mom was walking behind him, with his little brother. There's only one bike and so the little fellow had no choice but to walk. Maybe it's time we get YW a bike.  

KW was very careful when going down and up slopes. 
He was equally careful when at road crossings. 
He stopped to wait for me and his little brother frequently. 
And I am proud of him!

In all, it was a tiring week for me. But I had fun, getting out of the house, and "exercising". 


tjmummy said...

Yay! Spring is so fun! Now you can let him ride to school himself, he's so responsible!

PiggyMummy said...

Yes, he has been biking to school. And so has YW! I walk while YW cycles. KW will wait for me at certain points. He has to make sure I can see him, since he cycles so fast .... The leaves are growing back on trees! I'm so happy! Tired of seeing the Bo-Tak trees for half a year....

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