Friday, January 29, 2010

Sesame Oyster Sauce Spinach

Darling son KW is picky about the kind of vegetables he eats. He loves broccoli, cauliflower, spinach and 小白菜. Beans, peas, tomatoes and capsicums are out. No way he will eat them. He fell in love with romaine lettuce while we were on holiday last summer. Phew! Another vegetable to add to his "LIKE" list. Carrots? He will eat it if they are cut into very thin strips and mixed in fried rice ... too tedious for him to pick the finely cut strips of carrots out!

Hence, my hands are tied when it comes to cooking vegetables for the boys. It must be a dish which everyone will enjoy. Spinach is one common dish, and a regular on our dinning table =)

I usually buy baby spinach packed in a bag. They are easier to store, and last longer than a bundle of spinach. I blanch the spinach in hot water, drizzle a tablespoonful of sesame oil, followed by a tablespoonful of Shitake Flavored Vegetarian Oyster Sauce.

Let's hope he will be strong like Popeye, since he always asks for a second helping when it comes to eating spinach!

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