Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Student of the Week!

Darling son YW had been waiting for this day since Day 1 of school. Every day, he would come home and asked "When am I going to be the Student of the Week, Mama?". I told him to be patient. "After Christmas, at the start of the new year" I would told him each time he asked.

When darling son KW was the Student of the Week, he introduced the planets in the Solar System to his friends. A year had passed and he had since moved on to Grade 2. Since his class then consist of students in Grade 1 and Kindergarten, some of his friends, currently in Grade 1, are now classmates with darling son YW, who is in Kindergarten.

As Student of the Week, what did YW introduce to the class?
Well, we thought that since not many people know much about Singapore, why not take the opportunity to tell them more? Thanks, Jean, for the book you sent us last year! It came in handy. Lovely photographs in the book. We brought the book along and did a "Show and Tell". It helped that there was this huge globe in the classroom. We easily located Singapore, as well as America, and was able to show how far away we were from home ... and by the way, we are not part of China =p

"We have Summer all year round in Singapore."
"It means that ... there's no school ... the whole year!?"

I'm sure all the kids back in Singapore will be very happy ... to have summer vacation .. for the whole year!


Teck said...

they are such lovely kids! :) attentive, respectful and responsive!
Mrs M did a good job teaching them...

PiggyMummy said...

yes, very attentive and responsive! loved their questions and answers =) Mrs M said the cookies were a hit with the kids! And they cheered for yw for bringing such yummy cookies, haha!

tjmummy said...

Haven't seen teck's photo in a long time. He seems to have put on weight! You must've fed him very well. haha.
So what did Teck do? How about you?

PiggyMummy said...

Anna, no lah, Teck was wearing a fleece pullover, that's why look like he had put on (alot of?) weight =p But I must say he looked way better than when he was teaching at HC! At least his cheeks are not sunk in =)

I didn't do anything leh =p
He and YW talked. I took photos (only one, haha, so that I don't distract the kids), and baked cookies as snacks for the class. We need to provide snacks from Tues to Fri, when your kid is the Student of the Week.

Anonymous said...

glad the book came in handy :)
KW's teacher should have sat in, needs some educating herself ;p
I highly suspect the snacks contribute to the excitement factor of show n tell/student of the week. smart teacher who came up with the idea :)

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