Sunday, January 4, 2009

Starry Starry Night

Since entering the woods six months ago, our activities are confined to the day. We are indoors most of the time after sunset. The kids are usually in bed by 8pm.

In winter, the sky darkens at 430pm.  The coldness after sunset can be quite unbearable, especially when the gusty wind blows. Despite the freezing cold, hubby dear has been diligently bringing the trash out to dump. Recently, he starts noticing that the sky (when there's no winter storm coming) can be so clear that he can see many stars!  That really got him excited!  By staying at home after dark, we are missing out something! The stars! Constellations which we may not be able to see back home, where the sky is too illuminated by the city lights. So for several nights when the sky is clear, hubby dear has been out star gazing, with his newly bought binoculars, and our digital/SLR camera. It is his newly found hobby =) I dislike the bitter cold at night, and the kids cannot be left asleep in their room without an adult at home, so I stay at home. But from the photographs taken, I find it interesting to identify the constellations, and to find out the stories behind the constellations. I am no professional in reading the constellations. I only know the Orion ... can you see the Orion in the photo-collage below?

Another night with clear sky.
So after dinner t, hubby dear brought the kids out "moon-gazing" ... for just 5 minutes. Darling son KW looked through the binoculars, came back and told me .... Mama, I can see the craters on the MOON! He was quite pleased to be able to see the moon so clearly. Indeed, it looked really pretty through the binoculars! 


Teck said...

KW was so excited to see the moon through the binoculars! :)

We must go camping somewhere before we return, so that we can see the milky way and all the stars!

PiggyMummy said...

yes definitely must go camping ... summer lah, else very cold leh ...

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