Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bacon Sushi

Whenever we eat out at Sushi Box, a Japanese restaurant near our apartment, we will order sushi for the boys. The boys love sushi! When the grains of rice stick to the fingers of the little one, he will lick them off! He will use his fingers to pick up the ingredients that fall out from the sushi. His favourite sushi? Philadelphia Sushi. It comprises salmon and Philadelphia cream cheese.

So whenever I need the boys to finish their meal quickly, or for a convenient fuss-free packed lunch, I will pack sushi for them. I had some baked bacon left over from packing the lunch boxes for hubby and elder boy. The little one is forever eating so slowly when he is at home. So I mix finely chopped broccoli into sushi rice, fry an omelette, and add the crispy baked bacon (done the day before) and roll them into a sushi!

The little one finished his sushi lunch in a flash, while his mummy beamed in the kitchen =)

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