Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy "Cow-One"!

I had the most wonderful birthday .. in the woods!

There was no need for me to cook dinner that night. We bought a roasted chicken from the supermarket, after getting the cake. All I need to do was to switch on the rice-cooker and blanch the spinach. 

I had a lovely cake, bought by hubby, chosen by darling sons. 
A chocolate cheesecake! Chocolate and cheese, my two favorite food!

I received three lovely cards, made by hubby dear and darling sons!

I also received a presents from the men in the house!
A notebook with the title "Recipe Book" from KW, a box of pink piglets paper clips from YW, and two strong magnets (a couple figure) for my fridge (my stuff on the fridge kept falling off each time I open the fridge door). 

What about the other cake in the photo? The one on the right?

Well, darlings sons were playing with our neighbour's daughter after school. They were so excited about buying a cake for me that they announced to the whole world "It's my Mom's birthday today!".

"We have to get you a present!" said the girl. 
So after our dinner, our neighbour and her kids came knocking on our door ... with a slice of home-baked cake and sang a birthday song for me!
I was so touched! 

Here's hugs and kisses for hubby dear and darling sons. 
Hugs for my neighbour and her kids, for taking the trouble in bringing over a slice of cake and a song ... I really appreciate it! 
I am grateful and thankful to have such wonderful neighbours =)


tjmummy said...

Happy birthday to you LK!

PiggyMummy said...

Thanks, Anna!

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