Monday, March 9, 2009

Spring Forward, Fall Backwards

Spring forward, Fall backwards? Yes, for daylight saving.

In Spring (March), we adjust the clock forward by an hour.
In Fall (September), we tune it back an hour.

But Spring is reluctant in the woods.
The weather in the woods goes on a roller-coaster ride in March, with Winter battling to stay, while Spring forces its way in. We had a couple of sunny days last week, with temperature above zero. It was a much welcomed change from the bitter cold in Dec/Jan. However, the weekend came with a heavy downpour in the morning, and snow in the afternoon. Dense fog embraced the start of the week, and temperature seemed to be dipping again.

Is Spring coming, or is it not?


tjmummy said...

The Chinese divided the seasons into 24, and I find it forecasts the weather very well. It was set thousands of years ago or something, but found to be very scientific.

The first period of Spring is always with precipitation, in the form of snow/sleet/slush or lots of rain.

Over here in Tianjin too.

And because some days are warmer, and some days cold again, it allows many species of plants to start germination. (They depend on temp cues).

However, for us, it does make it a season to get sick. With it sometimes cold and hot, we fall sick easier. So we have to take more care now.

Me too, I am so looking forward to the flowers, but no, not yet over here. Nothing blooming yet.

PiggyMummy said...

how very true is the chinese forecast! ... the woods is flooded =( and the dense fog yesterday made it seemed like i'm in an enchanted wood ... so mysterious ...

kw is having a cough due to the playing in the rain during recess yesterday. temp went up a little last night, so we kept him at home today .... i am looking forward to the flowers too! but same as tianjin, nothing blooming ... the flower in the blog was bought from the supermarket a month ago.... but died already cos so little sunshine, sob sob ...

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