Monday, March 23, 2009

Picture Explanation

Darling son KW's friend was the student of the week.
When asked what the parents did at the session, he said "Volcanoes". 
About fluids flowing out of a hole in a volcano. 


Was it a messy demonstration? 
Was there a model volcano? 
Did they do an experiment with chemicals? 
We were really curious. 
Darling son tried to answer our many questions. 
In the end, we told him to explain using a diagram.
The above diagram was what he drew before he explained.

Do you understand the diagram?
Four legs to support the volcano model.
A straw (rectangle with strips in diagram) inserted to the base of the model.
A tube (rectangle under straw) attached to straw to hold the chemicals.
See the two arrows beside the tube?
That's the force you apply to squeeze the chemicals out of the tube, into the straw, and out of a hole in the volcano model. How about the up arrow at the opening of the volcano? 

Good diagram and good explanation from a 6 year old.
I am really pleased that he draw the arrows in, for the force to squeeze the fluid out of the tube. See the little man beside the volcano crying for HELP? Ha ha .... 


Teck said...

he'll make a good teacher / science student someday.. :) like papa mama, like son..

PiggyMummy said...

yah, he's very scientific. luckily still have a good sense of humor, else fall into the sterotype NERDY Science student category, ha ha....

Teck said...

nerdy like me.. haha.. good thing he didn't get that part from me..

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