Sunday, March 29, 2009

Our new friend, Tad =)

Here's presenting to you, our new friend, Tad!

I was at the library a couple of weeks ago, and chanced upon a DVD - "Leapfrog : The letter factory". "Hmm ... darling son YW can learn something from this DVD" I thought. And he did! He learnt the sounds of all 26 letters after watching it once! We just love the songs and the story!

Ok, I have heard of Leapfrog products. I also know that the products are good. No, I do not buy these products, as they are too expensive.

I did a search on the internet, and realised that the DVDs were released in 2002. Quite a new product, especially the deluxe pack of 5 dvds released in 2006 (collection from 2002 - 2006). WOW! We went to the library website and reserved the other 4 DVDs!

The kids couldn't wait to watch it. The little one kept asking me "When are we getting the Words Factory?". Ha ha, he was really eager to watch it and learn something from it.

The Words Factory introduces the vowels and their sounds.
Vowels are like glue, they glue letters together and form words. Cool!

The Code Word Caper teaches the more complex stuff, like the silent E, sounding two vowels together and the blends.

I learnt from the DVD, that in the word CUTE, "E" is silent, and it forces the other vowel "U" to say it's other name .. which is letter "U" (not the phonics sound "U")!

I learnt that when two vowels are together, the second vowel is to keep quiet and let the first vowel say it's other name. Like "WAIT", you say letter "A" (not the phonics sound "A") and don't hear the "I" sound.

I learnt that "Y" likes to join the vowels at times, and let the vowels say it's other name (not the phonics sound). Like in the word "SAY" : Phonics sound "S", letter "A", silent "Y".

It's never to late to learn!
And I'm enjoying it!


tjmummy said...

That's really interesting!
I had never learnt phonics myself too. So I don't know all these rules. We just read words like how others sound them. haha.

Too bad, no such library for me to borrow them here and I don't want to buy either.

Make full use of them while you are there! :-)

PiggyMummy said...

It's really something new to me, and I enjoyed learning it as much as the kids do!

Glad I found the DVDs. Like you, I just read words like how others sound them. But KW will ask me why A not sound as "eh" but letter "A"?? Scratch head and don't know how to answer him ... so told him I don't know cos my teachers didn't teach me, ha ha! So he better go ask his teacher and find out.

The libraries here are wonderful! No fees for kids' DVDs, unlike back home, where you need to pay a fee to join as member in order to borrow the DVDs there. Not as good a range as here.

I guess you can always check the motherhood forum for pple selling this DVDs when you go back in June for visit =) We are not going back this June. Save $$. Will pack our bags and go back for good in June next year instead.

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