Monday, October 10, 2011

Dancing Zombie

A drawing of the Dancing Zombie, in Plants VS Zombies! Yes, my boys are I are playing the game, and instead of requesting for Angry Birds to be included in their lunch, they now ask for .... ZOMBIES!

Since I did the zombie last week, I thought adding a cheese wig to the zombie should not be too much of a problem. It was quite a breeze, except that the cheese kept breaking when I did those glasses!

Check out the broken pair of glasses on the zombie without the eyeballs! Ok, I had fun putting the eyeballs into the pair of cheese glasses =p

Cutting out the cheese wigs was a simple task.

I even had some time left to have the boys pick their food pick for their lunch! My little daring chose the star. Why? He said, "The Dancing Zombie is a Rock Star". Then he suggested, "How about including the other dancers?". Boy, he really thinks that his mom is a magician! With the wave of the wand, the other dancers pop out from under the rice, hahaha!

The elder boy chose the simple musical notes. Dancing and music. Makes sense. In his opinion, the star could be a little too glamorous to his taste. He likes things simple. The little one on the other hand, is game for anything new and interesting, glamorous or not. It doesn't really bother him.

And we will continue fighting the zombies this evening, after they are done with their homework (school and mom's given work).


AikoVenus said...

I love your bentos - especially this one! ^^

PiggyMummy said...

You must be a fan of the game "Plants vs Zombies" =)
Thank you for visiting my blog!

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