Thursday, October 6, 2011


Day 4 of "Plants VS Zombies" lunch!

Puff-Shroom made an appearance! When playing the game, I love planting him on the lawn at night, as he doesn't cost anything, but yet wipe out the zombies. Too bad they sleep in the day.

As usual, I cannot remember the expressions on these plants. I had to draw a picture of them and place them in the kitchen so that I could remember how to assemble them.

It's Friday tomorrow, and I think I should include one more "Plants VS Zombies" lunch, to round up the week! The boys will be happy. They are still working very hard on the "Plants" chart. Asked them if they want to stick those little pieces of paper onto a big sheet of paper, they thought about it and said no. They want to make a card game from these papers. Wow! I'm looking forward to it =D


Kitchen Corner said...

This is so colorful. I will keep this for my future reference and wish my boy will like it. Thanks for sharing!!

PiggyMummy said...

Thanks for stopping by my humble blog. I'm sure your boy will like your 爱心餐. Your boy is soooooo cute =D

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