Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sambal Tumis Paste

We visited Boston in May, and met up with a Singapore friend who happened to be in that area for a business trip. He was so kind to bring for us Chicken Rice Paste, BaKau, Chilli Crab Paste and many other sauces!

Since hubby dear would be having lunch at home, I thought I would try cooking lunch using the packet of Sambal Tumis Paste. Instead of having it as a dish, I used it as a sauce for noodles! Oh, the taste of home ... however bad my cooking is, one can't go wrong with these sauces from home =D

Heat up the pan. When the pan is hot, add a little oil. Add the prawns when the oil is hot.

Add the sauce and water, according to the instructions on the package. When the sauce is heated through, and the prawns are cooked, switch off heat. I added in some cooked cauliflower into the sauce.
Can you spot them?

Have your cooked noodles ready on a plate. Scoop the sambal prawns and sauce over the noodles. This dish is easy to prepare. Did I mention it was yummy too?

The weather has been good ... cool and sunny. Amazingly, the leaves were still hanging on the branches! This autumn is really beautiful! So I took my camera with me when I went to pick the kids up from school. Check out the blue sky and colourful leaves!

It was a pleasant walk from home to school. I was glad I left the house earlier, took a leisurely stroll to the school, and enjoyed the beautiful colours of Fall.

And this pile of brown oak leaves greeted me when we got home. The wind blew them off the branches, and those on the ground just got "swept" by the wind into a pile =)

One thing I learnt since entering the woods ... Take time to enjoy the simple things in life.

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