Monday, October 3, 2011

Sunflower Vs Zombies?

What do you get when Mom goes shopping, armed with a 40% discount coupon?

Well, I came home, very happy, with a pack of Fun Silicon Cups from Wilton! However, instead of using them for baking, I ended up using them in the boys' bento lunch. I filled the yellow cup with some rice (seasoned with a little low sodium soy sauce), punched out some eyes and cut a smiley mouth from a sheet of nori, and ... Tada!
A Sunflower!

But wait! How about adding some leaves to it? Does it now look like the sunflower in the game Plants VS Zombies? Ready, Set, PLANT!

Not one, but two! The more the merrier!

An oversized sunflower head, sitting on a bed of broccoli florets. Along side sat some pan fried chicken strips, marinated in Korean BBQ sauce. Where's the Zombie?

Well, he may just make an appearance when MOM is not so tired and has time to do her "homework" =D

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