Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Wall-Nuts and More!

Are you familiar with the game "Plants VS Zombies"?
Let me introduce "Wall-Nut" and friends to you if you are not =)

Meet Mr Potato-Mine, who is sitting on the left, all ready to explode and fight the zombies with a "SPUD".

Next to him is Ms "Wall-Nut". She has a hard shell, which the player can use, to protect the other plants. Darling son YW highlighted to us this morning, "Do you know that the Wall-Nuts shed tears when there is a hole in them?". WOW! Great observation!
I didn't know that!

The tallest one on the right, is none other than Mr Tall-Nut! They are heavy-duty wall plants that cannot be vaulted over.

Why so many nuts and potato? Because one son requested for Wall-Nut, while the other wanted Tall-Nut. So I gave them both, and included a third ... Potato =) That should make them very happy during lunch today!

These patties are not difficult to prepare. The challenging part lies in shaping the nuts and potato, and hoping that the shape stays while it cooks in the hot pan. Take a closer look at the second photo, and you will find that Mr Potato-Mine looks quite different. A little too round.

I was very happy to finished cooking all the patties, in different shapes and sizes by 7.45am. I thought cutting the cheese eyes, and putting them into the lunchbox should be a breeze. Wrong. It had been a while since I prepared food with "eyes" attached, and I panicked when I realised the cheese eyes wouldn't stick to the patties! It took me a while to attach them using short sticks of uncooked angel's hair. Can you see the stick poking out from the eyes in the above photo? So to draw the attention away from the poking through sticks, I added ribbon and cap to Wall-Nut and Tall-Nut. Now they look like they are all ready to have some fun!

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