Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Do you know this guy?
If you don't, then let me introduce him to you.
He is the star in the game "Plants VS Zombies".
A regular Garden-variety Zombie. He loves brains .... all kinds ... be it old and stinky, or rotten. So beware! Don't let him get into your house or it will be a case of "The Zombies ate your brains!".

Transform this drawing onto a sheet of nori, and this is what the boys get for lunch today. Hubby dear said the zombie looked very comical, staring at the flower.

Putting together the lunch was a breeze! It was very easy to cut out the head of the zombie. Attached some cheese eyes and we are all set. I even had some time left to neatly arrange the fish cake! But seriously, I had fun putting together the boys' lunch this morning =)

The boys were so happy on the way to school, as they caught a glimpse of the zombie before I put the lid on. And Darling son KW came home with these drawings!

"Did you do this in class today?", I asked him.
"I drew them during my free time, after I finished my work.", he replied.

And he was such a funny boy! He put all these little pieces of drawings in his helmet, wore his helmet with the pieces under the helmet but on top of his head, and cycled all the way home! He loves putting pieces of paper under his helmet. Sometimes, after school, upon seeing me, he will remove his helmet, take out a small piece of drawing, pass it to me and say "For you, Mama!". I greatly treasure and enjoy receiving these little pieces of drawings from him =D

Here's all the plants he drew in class today! He even added a plant which I didn't pay attention to, as it was for sale in Dave's shop ... the water-melon which throws frozen melons to freeze the zombies. Kids are much more observant than we think! Just look at the expressions drawn on the plants!

And my little boy YW started drawing furiously on little pieces of paper after dinner. He said "I have to help GorGor complete the chart!". And now I understand why my boys say that art lesson in school is boring. There isn't much drawing. Mainly crafts. Oh well, they are free to draw all they want when they are at home! And I'm their number one fan =D

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