Sunday, October 19, 2008

Devils Lake State Park

Our neighbour invited us to join them for a hike at the Devils Lake Park at Baraboo. The place was about 2 hours drive from our place. According to our neighbour, if you want to find a good place to take in the fall foliage, this is the place. We were approaching the end of October, and this was probably the last weekend to admire nature's splendor of vibrant colours and rich hues. In fact, most of the leaves on the trees in our neighbourhood had fallen. 

It was a super windy morning to start off.
We went to our car prepared. Coats, gloves, hats, scarves. 
We saw people half walking and half running as the gusty wind blew.
We were really glad we were well covered from head to toe!

West Bluff Trail : 1.5 miles, approximate hiking time 1.5 hours
A medium effort trail that is asphalt with stone steps and a steep climb on the south end and an easier climb up the north end. Goes across the bluff top past drop-offs with many scenic views of the lake and park.

Darling son KW was really enthusiastic about the hike. He was in fact leading the group.
"I am the leader!" he kept saying to us.
The climb was quite steep at some points. My little boy had difficulty climbing up. We took quite a while to climb to the top, as there were frequent stops for photograph taking, snacking and resting. 
After all, our boys are just four years and five years old respectively. 

Collage above : View of park and lake at the top of the bluff.
Collage below : Admire nature as you walk.

Going down was a lot easier, especially for the kids.
It was kind of taxing on my knees and old bones though =(

The second trail we went on to : Walking along the lake.

Tumbled Rocks : 0.8 miles, approximate hiking time 0.5 hours
An easy, level asphalt walkway winding through quartzite boulders at the base of the West Bluff at lake level.

It was a long walk for the two boys.
I was really proud of them! They walked from 11am till 3pm, without a word of complain! Of course, they were tired, and dozed off as we drove home.

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