Sunday, October 12, 2008

Kite Flying

Vegetables picking in the morning, kite-flying in the afternoon, how does that sound to you?

Well, that was what we did!

We went to The Tree Farm for vegetables picking in the morning with our neighbours, then we headed to Fitchburg where a kite-flying event was held. You could bring your kite to fly, or you could made a kite with your kids. 

So off we drove to Fitchburg!

And so many kites greeted us when we alighted from the car! The sky was "littered" with kites! Kites of all kinds!
There was a kite that held candies. With a touch on the remote control, candies fell from a container attached to the kite! All the kids ran to get their candies. What a sight!

It was a lovely day in Autumn.
Windy with lots of sunshine.

The kids had fun decorating and making their own little kites. 

We had fun watching them made it.
We had fun flying it.

The kids had fun chasing after the huge octopus.

Darling son YW made a new friend ... with the grasshopper!
Darling son KW lost his first milk tooth while picking candies!

It was a Sunday filled with activities. 
The kids were tired at the end of the day. But they were really happy.

This is what I call ... childhood ....

1 comment:

Teck said...

yes, it was a really fun day.. and it's really very kampong like.. glad the kids have such an experience..

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