Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Birthday, My Dear =)

I was busy in the kitchen, preparing a birthday cake for my dear husband when my handphone rang. It was from him. Wondering what was up, I picked up the call immediately, only to hear a worried voice from the other end of the phone.

"KW fell at the playground and cut his chin. School nurse called, and said that the cut required some stitching. It was a small but deep cut."

I dropped whatever I was doing, got darling son to dress warmly, and went to school immediately. TS said to meet him at school. I went in to meet darling son KW and the nurse while waiting for him to arrive. A huge blood-stained bandage was sitting under darling son's chin. My heart ached. But KW was a brave boy. He didn't cry. He sat quietly in the nurse's room. He returned a hug when a friend came in to see how he was, and managed a weak smile. His little brother gave him a hug and asked if he was ok.

We drove to the nearest Urgent Care Clinic, and he was given treatment almost immediately. Six stitches in all. Plus a Tetanus jab. Darling son took it all without a whine or tear. I was so proud of him. The whole process took almost two hours. While waiting for KW, we witnessed the first snowfall.

My dear husband went back to work while we went home.
Ingredients for the cake were all thrown away.
I quickly settled the boys, and tried to bake a second cake.
Maybe it was the snowfall, maybe it was the birthday cake.
Darling son KW seemed happy to be home. Both kids were excited to see snow. They were happily singing .. it's snowing, it's snowing, santa clause is coming ..

The men in the house were pleased with the Cinnamon Chocolate Cake.
Since darling son KW was such a brave boy, I topped his slice of cake with M&Ms! He was very happy. So was his little brother, who got a fair share of M&Ms too!

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Teck said...

thanks, dear.. :)

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