Sunday, October 12, 2008

Vegetables Picking

Do you like eating broccoli? 
Do you know how it is grown on the farm?

We love eating broccoli.
Sadly, we do not know how it is grown on farm.
Growing up in a city, we do not have the opportunity to visit a vegetable farm, and picking your own vegetables is out of the question. 

Away from home, into the woods, we have been doing things which we would not have done, or cannot do back home. 
Like using chalk to draw on the floor outside and around our apartment.
Like picking your own apples and other fruits at a fruit orchard. 
Like seeing so many ladybugs, fireflies, squirrels and many more.
Like picking your vegetables?

So off we went to this farm called The Tree Farm with our neighbours.

There were lots of vegetables for us to pick .... peppers, potatoes, Bak Choy, broccoli, radish, fresh herbs like rosemary, pumpkins and many others. 

Darling son KW was happy to pick the long beans.
No, he is not a fan of beans. He dislikes them. 
But he enjoyed picking them so much he had a big basket filled with it. 
The beans were easy to pick, light to carry, and not messy.

Darling son YW happily helped with picking the green peppers and Bak Choy. And they both ran wild when they saw the area with big and small pumpkins!

We didn't spend a lot of time there, so we only managed to pick some long beans, green peppers, Bak Choy, and a winter melon. 

I would love to go there again next Fall, to try picking some other vegetables. You can really taste the freshness of the vegetables. Or maybe it's because we picked the vegetables ourselves, so it tasted sweeter?

It was a sweet experience for both adults and children. 

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